Special Issues



Throughout the year, collections of papers concerning specific topics are published as Special Issues. Regular issue contributed papers on other topics are accepted for publication in these volumes as well, and are placed in a "Regular Issue Papers" section. Those interested in proposing a Special Issue should contact the Editor in Chief. He or she will work with you to define the issue and compose the call for papers.

Guidelines for Proposing a Special Issue

Please provide:

· Title/Topic for proposed issue

· Descriptive paragraph/topics of interest

· List of Guest Editors who will be assisting with the issue

o Include complete contact information for all editors assisting with the issue

o Identify key contact(s) for Call for Papers

· Proposed deadline for submission of papers

· Proposed target date for publication of issue

· Approximate number of papers anticipated

 In order to provide enough time for the peer review process, the estimated publication date for a Special Issue should be a minimum of 9 months from the target date for paper submission. Publication dates for the Journal (which is published quarterly) must be taken into account. For example,

- If you request papers be submitted March 31, the earliest target date for the issue would be January of the following year.

- If you request authors submit their paper April 15, the earliest target date for the issue would be April of the following year.

Current Proposed Special Issues





Submission Deadline 

October 2018

Title: Maritime RobotX Challenge: Pushing for Higher Autonomy & Cooperative Behaviors in Maritime Robotics

20 April 2018

April 2019

Verification and Validation of Airgun Source Signature
and Sound Propagation Models

31 March 2018

January 2019

Underwater Acoustic Propagation Physics & Signal Processing Techniques for Shallow Water Acoustic Communications

15 January 2018

July 2019

Seabed Characterization Experiment

01 June 2018