The Primary Contact Information for the Technology Committees of IEEE/OES

The OES Technology Committee Coordinator
Foote, Kenneth
Airborne and Spaceborne Ocean Remote Sensing
Weissman, David
Current, Wave, and Turbulence Measurement
Magnell, Bruce
Environmental Acoustics
Duda, Timothy
Environmental Technology
Sato, Toru
Environment and Observation Systems
Pearlman, Jay
Information Processing and Data Fusion
Porto, William
Innovative Technology
Kirkwood, William
Numerical Modeling, Simulation, and Data Visualization
Potty, Gopu
Ocean Energy
Position Open
Ocean Policy and Education
Burnett, Douglas
Ocean Signal and Image Processing (OceanSIP)
Hermand, Jean-Pierre
Oceanographic Instrumentation, Communication, Navigation, and Positioning
Pillai, P.R. Saseendran
Theobald, Peter
Subsea Optics and Vision
Caimi, Frank
Underwater Acoustics
Foote, Kenneth
Underwater Communications, Navigation, and Positioning
Stojanovic, Milica
Underwater Cables and Connectors
Atmanand, M.A.
Unmanned Maritime Vehicles (and Submersibles)
Kirkwood, William